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Amnesty: One Fic, One Art

Author: enkanowen 
Fandom: STXI
Schmoop: Bad Day, and Wild Card

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Amnesty: Three fics

Author: smallearthcat
Fandoms: Drake & Josh, Big Time Rush
Prompts: holding hands, butterfly kisses, birthday - celebrant is sick

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Amnesty 1 Fic

Fandom: ATWT
Schmoop Prompt: Secret Admirer
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Author: idvo
Fandom: STXI
Schmoop prompt: shopping

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Amnesty: 1 fic

Author: thethingiswhat
Fandom: Glee
Schmoop: Picnic

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Amnesty: 1 fic

Author: Nyssa

Fandom: Starsky & Hutch

Schmoop prompt: Shopping

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AMNESTY: 2 fics

Author: dreaming_k
Fandoms: Star Trek XI
Schmoop: bedtime rituals, pillow fight

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Amnesty: 5 fills

Author: cleflink
Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII, Supernatural, CW RPS
Schmoop: love letters, playing instrument, shower together, kidfic - bedtime, love at first sight

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Amnesty - Horizontal line - 5 fills.

Author:xoxxblitz7 Fandoms: My Chemical Romance - Frank/Gerard (x3), Mikey/Ray (x1) and Twilight - Edward/Jacob (x1)Schmoop: Cuddling, Crying, Cuddling in vehicle, Baby - adoption and Pets (wildcard)

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Amnesty: 5 fics

Author: xaritomene
Fandoms: bandom (My Chemical Romance, skippy!fic (Mike Carde/Kevin Jonas), The All-American Rejects) and Alex Rider
Schmoop Prompts: sunburn, spooning, serenade, sick in bed and wooing/courtship

fills under the cutCollapse )

Amnesty: 4 fics

Author: nonskid 
Fandoms: bandom (Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, The Young Veins, My Chemical Romance, Gold Motel)
Schmoop: kidfic-vacation, WC: flowers, drunken confession of love, nightmares

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Amnesty - 1 Fic

Author: Nateyjface
Fandoms: Psych
Schmoop: feeding - erotic

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Amnesty [1 fic]

Author: tour_treasure
Fandom: cycling rps
Schmoop: magnetic poetry

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Amnesty - 1 fic

Author: wolfling
Fandom: Supernatural
Schmoop prompt: Mother's Day

Branching Out Sam/Gabriel, Rated PG-13, 1156 words


Author: rhythmsextion
Fandoms: Supernatural, J2 RPS
Schmoop prompts: playing instrument, cuddling - hypothermia, baby - setting up nursery, shower together, kidfic - first injury, anniversary, massage - erotic, butterfly kisses, cuddling by the fire, karaoke, lazy Sunday, kitchen disaster, wild card, de-age (physical), falling in love, coffee shop, candles, camping, autumn holiday/festival, engagement, wedding, nuzzling, wine, love letter, kidfic - birthday

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Amnesty, Four fics, So close yet so far

Author: saphire_dance
Fandoms: DC Comics
Schmoop: Cuddling, baby – feeding, kidfic-bedtime, sunscreen
Card Link: http://saphire-dance.livejournal.com/24002.html

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Author:  shirleyann66 
Fandoms: Jericho
Schmoop: Baby - First Steps

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AMNESTY - One fill (icons)

Author: Erin (erinm_4600)
Fandoms: Tin Man
Schmoop: Friendship

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Amnesty: Two Walls

Artist: skylar0grace
Fandoms: Supernatural/Veronica Mars
Schmoop: Candles; Secret Admirer; Reunion; Illness - Shared

(Two Walls)