zee113 (zee113) wrote in schmoop_bingo,

AMNESTY: Seven fics

Author: zee113
Fandom: LOTR RPS: Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen
Schmoop: love letter, bedtime rituals, singing, (soul)bonding, sunburn, cooking together, and Thanksgiving
Medium: fic
Warnings: AU, WIP (it is one fic, using the prompt words in continuous chapters); also: mild separation angst in the beginning
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Orlando was a belly dancer in Istanbul until Viggo saved him. Now they live together on Viggo's farm. This fic is a sequel to Little Wing, posted at christmas_wings. It's good if you read that, but not necessary.

Love Letter
Bedtime Rituals
Cooking Together

Sorry for the WIP, I really wanted to finish it as a blackout - but got blocked and now ran out of time. :(


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