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Amnesty: Two Fics

{whoops} Sorry, I was working on something else and missed June 1. Hope it's okay to still post these - they were written earlier (much earlier).

Author: tallihensia
Fandoms: Smallville (Pairings: Clark/Lex)
Schmoop: minor injury, spooning

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Amnesty - Two Fills

Author: solookup
Fandoms: Merlin
Schmoops: singing, winter holiday/festival

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Amnesty: 1 fic

Author: denyce
Fandoms: CW RPS
Schmoop: Wooing/courtship

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Amnesty - One Line

Author: write_in_red
Fandoms: RPS J2
Schmoop: Cocoa, Flowers, Cooking Together, First Holiday Together, and Candlelight Dinner

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AMNESTY: Seven fics

Author: zee113
Fandom: LOTR RPS: Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen
Schmoop: love letter, bedtime rituals, singing, (soul)bonding, sunburn, cooking together, and Thanksgiving
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Amnesty: 3 fics

Author: fluffy_goddess
Fandoms: The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii 5.0, Stargate SG-1
Schmoop: serenade, bad day, reunion
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AMNESTY: Blackout

Author: Clio
Fandoms: American Idol RPF, Beatles RPF, Community, Harry Potter, Hawaii Five-0, John Hughes movies (Pretty in Pink/Ferris Bueller), Star Trek, Star Trek RPF
Schmoop: adventures, baby – feeding, baby – setting up nursery, bedtime rituals, camping, cuddling, dancing, falling in love, feeding – erotic, fire in the fireplace, illness – minor, karaoke, kidfic, kidfic – birthday, kiss – first, long-lost love, love letter, memories, New Year celebration, nuzzling, spooning, stuffed animal, summer holiday, swimming, and a wild card.

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Amnesty: one fic

Author: cal
Fandom: Kara no Kyoukai
Schmoop: butterfly kisses
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Amensty: One Line + One Extra

Author: saone77
Fandoms: DC Comics, The Losers (movie 'verse), SPN RPS
Schmoop: soulmates, wine, cooking together, holiday - different traditions, New Year celebration, cuddling - hypothermia

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AMNESTY: Four fics

Author: WeepingNaiad
Fandoms: Star Trek XI
Schmoop: unexpected date, injury -- minor, cuddling while sick, playing instrument

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AMNESTY: 1 fic

Author: bofoddity
Fandoms: Frasier
Schmoop: meeting the parents

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AMNESTY: 3 fics, 2 arts

Author: Niki
Fandoms: The Avengers (616), Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, Banlieue 13, Battlestar Galactica (classic), WWE
Schmoop: Friendship, kidfic - bedtimes, lazy Sunday, wild card: stuffed animals, memories

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Amnesty: 7 Fics

Author: jerakeen
Fandoms: American Idol, Season 8
Schmoop: Cuddling, Baby - Adoption, Sleepy Times, Kidfic, Wild Card (Spooning), Cuddling in Public, Wine

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Amnesty: Two Fics, One Art

Author/ Artist: dephigravity
Fandoms: Supernatural, J2 RPS
Schmoop: first date, movie night, spooning (wild card)
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Amensty Bingo: Blackout

Author: cjharknessgirl 
Fandom: Torchwood, Brothers and Sisters

My Bingo Car
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Amnesty: 2 Fics

Author: csi_sanders1129
Fandoms: General Hospital, Scooby Doo
H/C: cuddling - hypothermia, making out

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Amnesty: 7 fics

Author: momma_66
Fandoms: Twilight (1), Supernatural (4), Leverage (1), Criminal Minds (1)
Schmoop: Bad Day, Bedtime Rituals, Kissing It Better, Pregnancy – Birth, Finding the Perfect Gift, Playing Matchmaker, De-Age (Physical)

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AMNESTY: one fic

Author: prettykitty_aya
Fandoms: Bandom, Panic! at the Disco
Schmoop: pregnancy - first ultrasound

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